The Oregon Chapter of the American Public Works Association invites you to learn more about APWA and the many benefits we offer.

The Oregon Chapter is an association of more than 800 professional engineers, technicians, operations staff, public works directors, business people, contractors, consultants and many others who join together to exchange ideas and information, promote education and training, and work as a team to meet professional and community needs.

Nationally, APWA represents almost 30,000 public works professionals and offers excellent professional development programs and member services.

We are proud of our association, and we invite you to join us in connecting people, resources and services to improve our communities through public


For individuals and organizations, membership in APWA is an investment in professional development. APWA’s affordable educational programs are designed to keep you on the cutting edge of technology, products, services, concepts, and skills. Emphasis is placed on practical, relevant, and usable training that is immediately applicable.

As a member of APWA, you become part of a network of public works professionals who offer a tremendous depth of knowledge in the design, construction, administration, operation and maintenance of public works facilities and services.

As a volunteer association, Oregon APWA offers opportunities for each person to make a difference and receive recognition for outstanding service. Active members direct the Chapter, develop policy, and develop educational programs and professionally oriented activities.

Membership Benefits Your Community
Our member agencies include cities, counties, service districts, state and federal government, as well as consultants, contractors, and suppliers to the industry.

With the many challenges facing our communities, now is the time to:

  • Form connections with others
  • Share ideas and information
  • Maximize scarce resources

Oregon APWA can help you bring these benefits to your community.

Chapter Services
The Oregon Chapter provides many valuable services to members, including:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Awards and achievement acknowledgement
  • An online membership directory
  • Public/private partnerships
  • Updates on regulatory changes
  • Information on industry trends
  • High quality educational programs
  • Continuing Education Units
  • Technical training
  • Professional and personal growth workshops
  • Two statewide conferences annually
  • Standardized construction specifications
  • A quarterly e-newsletter
  • Scholarships for members and students

In addition, membership in APWA National entitles you to:

  • A subscription to the monthly APWA Reporter, plus discounts on other publications
  • Educational opportunities, including teleconferences and packaged training programs
  • A national conference annually
  • Forums for discussion of national public works issues
  • Updates on legislation at the federal level
  • The opportunity to participate in the AWPA-sponsored group insurance program
  • Reduced registration fees for APWA workshops and other events
  • Chapter Information

Contact Information
For more information about the American Public Works Association, including a membership application and details on dues, contact Oregon Chapter APWA at OregonAPWA@gmail.com. For information about trainings, conferences and special events, contact:

c/o Cameo Management Solutions, Inc.
Maggie Vohs, APWA Event Director
Peggy McCormick, APWA Registration/Exhibits Coordinator
PO Box 6898, Bend, OR 97708
P: 541-994-3201
F: 503-419-4369

For membership information, contact Leslie Finnigan, Membership Chair, 503-399-8002 or lfinnigan@ufsrw.com.

Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/APWAOregon.

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