The Public Works Luncheons Committee serves our members with dual objectives. Firstly, the committee strives to foster connections through well-organized recurring events. Secondly, we are committed to offering educational opportunities that contribute to industry and professional knowledge, enabling members to earn education hours for professional licenses.

About the Committee

The Luncheon Committee currently hosts bi-monthly, in-person luncheons throughout the year to facilitate networking and learning opportunities for chapter members. These luncheons are free of charge and include both lunch and a presentation on exciting developments in the industry or profession. Topics range from the review of new standards or guidebooks to insights gained from complex projects and demonstrations of emerging technologies.

Furthermore, these luncheons are broadcast as webinars to reach all members across the state. Presently, only the Portland Luncheons Subcommittee actively organizes luncheons. However, historically, there were also Eugene and Central Coast Luncheon Subcommittees, each responsible for hosting local luncheons for members.

Committee Chair: Eric Germundson, Kittelson & Associates
Portland: Eric Germundson, Kittelson & Associates
Eugene: Vacant. Get involved, contact Eric at egermundson@kittelson.com
Central Coast: Vacant. Get involved, contact Eric at egermundson@kittelson.com


  • Past luncheon presentations: link

Get Involved

Engage with the Public Works Luncheon Committee in various ways. Connect with the Committee Chair to:

  1. Present – Propose topics of interest or share your own presentation for upcoming luncheons.
  2. Suggest – Provide input on the structure of future luncheons as we resume activities post-pandemic.
  3. Volunteer – Contribute to the committee’s reach by joining subcommittees; we welcome volunteers to host luncheons across the state.
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