Individuals, groups and businesses may contribute to the Foundation by designating gifts to the American Public Works Association Oregon Chapter Scholastic Foundation, Inc. Gifts that are added to the Foundation are prudently invested.


One of the ways Oregon APWA Chapter members contribute to the Scholastic Foundation is by participating in the Chapter’s semi-annual “Gizmo” competition. While not an achievement award in the traditional sense, the Gizmo (a.k.a. Golden Knuckle) Award nonetheless is an important function of the chapter. First presented in 1987, the award has raised nearly $600,000 for scholarships given by the chapter’s Scholastic Foundation. What is the Gizmo? Suffice it to say, it’s an award most people are willing to pay to not receive. Click here for a more detailed history of the Gizmo Award and a list of winners over the years.

Gift Categories
The American Public Works Association Oregon Chapter Scholastic Foundation is a publicly supported organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The taxpayer Identification Number is 93-1163543. All contributions to the Scholastic foundation are tax deductible charitable contributions.

Tribute Gifts
For a minimum initial contribution of $1000 or more, the foundation will establish a Tribute Account. When contributions to the Tribute Account reach a minimum threshold value of $10,000, the donor is entitled to name a scholarship to be awarded.

Direct Gifts
In addition to the established giving categories, a direct gift, large or small, will make an impact. A gift in the name of a departed friend, family member or associate can be a special way of ensuring that they will be remembered.

Wills & Estates
Consider including the Scholastic Foundation as a worthy beneficiary when preparing or revising your will, leaving an exact dollar amount or a percentage of your estate to the Foundation. Another option is naming the Foundation as a residual beneficiary. The Foundation would receive its bequest after all other legacies have been paid. Consult your attorney or financial advisor for specific advice.

Life insurance provides some unique opportunities for giving. For example, you can name the Scholastic Foundation as beneficiary on an existing policy. Or, you may choose to purchase a new insurance policy designating the Scholastic Foundation as beneficiary. This allows you to declare the annual premiums as charitable tax-deductible contributions.

Annuities and the residuary balance of your IRA, KEOGH and Registered Retirement Income Funds are also options for consideration in your giving plan.

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