Established in 2016, the Oregon Chapter Communications Award was created in honor of the inaugural recipient: Eric “Bulldog” Jones. The award, also referred to as the “Bulldog Award”, recognizes individuals who are distinguished in the public works field for communication skills or techniques that bring awareness or educate the public and/or the profession about public works or public works communications. For more information, contact Jonathon Neumann.

Examples of distinguished contributions may include one or more of the following:

  • Presentations at conferences on public works program or project communications; presentation on overcoming communications challenges
  • Use of innovative communication techniques for public works programs or projects
  • Develop and/or implement a complex communications plan for the benefit of a public works program or project
  • Scholarly publications on technical and professional public works issues
  • Significant contributions to chapter communications and publicity
  • Presentations and training on communication skills and techniques to public works professionals
  • Significant contributions to public works education
  • Meets criteria for a related national APWA award such as Donald C Stone Award for Excellence in Education and Exceptional Performance Award (Journalism)

Award Submittal (by August 15 each year):

Jonathon Neumann

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